Madeleine Havell



15′ psychological drama short (2013)

Director: John Gorman
Writer: Martin Conaghan
Producer: Martin Conaghan

Produced in association with MOLiTV, Forbidden Planet and Why Settle
Executive Producers: Amanda McMillan, Fraser McMillan, Julian Phelan, Kenny Penman and Paul Brennan

Cast: Madeleine Havell, Angela Darcy
Original Music: Gareth Griffiths
Title Sequence: TV And Not TV
Editor: Richard Poet
Colourist: Ian Ballantyne
Sound Dubbing: Travis Reeves, John Cobban and Will Cory
Director of Photograph: Keith Ingram
Title sequence: TVandNotTV

GORTA was an experimental short film, made on location in Glasgow, Scotland with the Canon c300.

John Gorman initially approached Martin Conaghan in 2013 and challenged him to write a script with a simple brief, that it would feature one actress in a single location and employ many of the classic tropes of psychological horror films.

The film was made with a budget of just £1000 and had to be shot in two hotel locations in Glasgow – the scenes shot in the bedroom are in an entirely different location from the scenes shot in the bathroom.