Tory government misleads public on health care research

Mr Cameron is selling you lies

Mr Cameron is selling you lies

Ben Goldacre, again, in today’s Guardian, methodically demonstrates how the Tories are deliberately misleading people on the reasons for cuts in health care spending, by cherry-picking the research that supports their policies, while ignoring the overwhelming evidence that refutes them.

“Here is what politicians apparently cannot understand: it’s absolutely fine to make policy based on ideology, whim, faith, principles, and all the other things we are used to. It’s also fine for evidence to be mixed. And it’s absolutely fine if your reforms aren’t supported by existing evidence: you just shouldn’t claim that they are.”

Amateur archivist saves 172 BBC websites from oblivion

Ben Goldacre has taken steps to preserve 172 websites that the BBC has arbitrarily decided to delete as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

He purchased a $3.99 ‘low end box’ type VPS server and began the crawl of the BBC servers, capturing the content of the doomed websites and making them available in a torrent file for people to download and distribute, thereby ensuring that the publicly-funded content is still available, somewhere.

In actual fact, it would have cost very little to retain the websites – other than the miniscule traffic bandwidth the sites might incur. It’s claimed the deletions of the sites is part of a rationalisation process of trimming down the overall scale of

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