Shadow – BBC Short Film

About a year ago, I pitched in to write a short film for a BBC internal talent drive scheme with a producer colleague Gerald Strother.

This is the resulting film.

It was made on a budget of just £1000 with a specific requirement that it be no longer than 60 seconds in length.

I harked back to a short comic book story I had written for Caliber Comics in the 1990s, which was illustrated by the amazing Mike Perkins, and Gerald helped me work out a way of making the story work in a short timeframe.

Marcus Harben was brought on board as director, David Braysher was drafted in to do some storyboards and acoustic musician/singer/songwriter Beerjacket was employed to score some original, haunting music.

The film was shot on-location in January 2011 by Keith Ingram and stars Angela Darcy, Clare Waugh and Chris Young – in addition to some fabulous child actors, Amy Gray, Keir Morris and Amy Gallagher.

Lots of other people made it possible, and they’re all named in the credits.

Hopefully, this will be the start of many such short (and long) films from me, Gerald, Marcus and others.