About Martin Conaghan

Martin Conaghan is an award-winning journalist, producer and writer with a career spanning over 15 years at the BBC and on major freelance projects.

Full credits:


Shadow (BBC, 2011)
GORTA (The Copydesk/Hellbent Films, 2013)

Assistant Producer
Special Olympics: Scottish Stories (BBC, 2007)
Rangers: The Men Who Sold The Jerseys (BBC, 2012)
Sins of Our Fathers (BBC, 2013)
2014: Scotland’s Historic Year (BBC Scotland, 2014)
Scotland’s Game – Episodes 2, 3 and 4 (BBC Scotland, 2016)

GORTA (The Copydesk/Hellbent Films, 2013)
Spores (Little Viking/The Copydesk, 2015)
Scotland’s Game – Episode 1 – ‘I Play For Money’ (BBC Scotland, 2016)

Boycotts and Broken Dreams: The Story of the 1986 Commonwealth Games (BBC, 2014)

Burke & Hare with illustrator Will Pickering.