Fuk me

There’s an old joke about a woman called Betty Bender, who changes her name by deed poll… to Maggie Bender.

However, I happened upon a story today about an unfortunately named chap called Fuk King Kwok (Fuk is pronounced “fook”), who has been forced to change his name to Andy Kwok, on account of the problems it raises due to mispronounciation.

I want to ride my bicycle

On the Glasgow Underground (subway), travelling clock-wise, the journey time between Buchanan St. Station and St. Enoch Station is approximately 55 seconds.

On the surface, it’s a downhill journey, along one of the busiest shopping streets in Glasgow – with two main road crossings.

Here’s the challenge: could someone get off the underground train at Buchanan St. Station, then get back on the same train when it stops at St. Enoch Station?

Watch the amazing video.

Google Video: Put on Site

Google’s new video store opened the other day, allowing US-based users to buy various television programmes for $1.99.

They also added a neat “put on site” button, which delivers a bit of code for you to add a particular video clip to you own website, like this one about farts in The Matrix:

Google Braille logo


All day yesterday, Google’s logo was transformed into a Braille representation of the letters comprising the company’s name, in honour of the birthday of the creator of the Braille lettering system for the visually impaired, Louis Braille.

A flat, graphical representation of Braille letters (which are supposed to be embossed on a tactile surface, so they can be touched by human fingers and “read”) on a website.

Is it just me, or does this seem to miss the point?

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