I’ve just had a word approved for the PseudoDictionary.

Blogache is now part of the lexicon of Blogging.

Morning After TV is a website based in the UK, offering a twice-weekly newsletter about all the good, bad and ugly things on UK TV this week.

Great site. Great idea.

Hue and Cry frontman and native of my own home town, Pat Kane has launched his own weblog, using Blogger.

It’s fairly rudimentary in its design, especially for a gregarious character like Pat, but the words all seem to be in the right order, which is more in line with his prosaic style.

What’s the point of having a national lottery, if there’s no chance you’re going to win it?

Worse still, the Chief Executive of the lottery openly admitting you’re never going to win it.

Channel Four’s third series of the highly popular Big Brother started last night at 2100BST in the UK, and one of the top stories this morning is news of Spencer, one of the housemates, farting loudly.

Despite the banality of the Big Brother concept, it’s still an engaging show that gets the whole nation talking for the duration of the series.

However, if the producers find themselves struggling for material, they should think twice about reporting on emissions of intestinal gas from the anus of a contestant.

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